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School Dance Guest Pass Request

We have updated our Guest Dance Form. Please download, print complete the form and return to PHS administration.

School Dance Guest Pass Request Form

PHS/MHS GUEST PASS FORM This form is due three (3) days before the dance. The due date is Tuesday for a Friday dance and Wednesday for a Saturday Dance by 3:00pm.

You may purchase a ticket for your guest in advance; however, your guest will not be allowed entrance into the dance until this form is completed and submitted to the PHS front office (guest pass box) in front of Mr. Bell’s desk or Ms. Igoe’s box outside her office door.

All guest pass forms must include the business card of an administrator from the high school the guest attends. Copies of business cards will not be accepted. If the guest does not attend high school, please submit a photocopy of the guest’s driver’s license, state-issued ID or passport.

PHS/MHS students are allowed one (1) guest and are responsible for their guest’s behavior. Guests may not be over the age of 20. PHS/MHS policies and procedures apply to all guests. Guests must abide by the direction given by chaperones (parents and staff), security personnel, venue staff and school administration. Regulations regarding possession and/or use of alcohol and other drugs will be strictly enforced. All guests agree to be breathalyzed and searched. PHS/MHS students and their guests must check-in with an administrator prior to entering the dance.

Erin Igoe
Vice Principal, Piedmont High School