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School Newspaper

The Piedmont Highlander

The Piedmont HighlanderTPH, is a student-run publication which serves PHS as well as parents and other citizens of the greater Piedmont community. The publication is produced approximately every three weeks and includes news, campus, sports, entertainment, opinion, and current issues and trends that involve Piedmont students.

Student editors and writers are enrolled in ROP/CTE Journalism or an Introduction to Publications class at PHS and receive training in news, feature, sports, opinion/review writing as well as an introduction to journalism history and law. Students both write and design the publication and are in control of its content.

Adviser Beth Black oversees students’ skills and discusses any editorial concerns with the editorial board, but final decisions are left up to the editor(s) in chief.

TPH is recognized through NSPA (National Scholastic Press Association) and CSPA (Columbia Scholastic Press Association) and has received awards from both organizations.

Courses for the TPH school newspaper staff:

  • School Publications

Recommendation:  None
(UC approved)

Not Offered 2024-2025 School Year

This semster-long course serves as a building block for production of the news magazine.  It is open to both new students and returning student staffers who wish to continue their skills with The Piedmont Highlander (TPH).  The class focuses on the basics of news, features, sports, op/ed writing, as well as layout and design basics for both print and online journalism.  New students are trained in news media journalism skills and yearbook techniques while returning staffers/editors guide them toward publishing their work in these publications.  Students also learn about the history of journalism, the first amendment, and the ethical decisions that all publications face.  Students have an opportunity to take field trips to professional newspapers as well as national journalism conventions.  The course is designed to lead into Journalism.  Students will receive an application after they have completed the scheduling request form.

  • Open to 9th Graders
  • Semester
  • School Publications

Recommendation: completion of previous English class with a grade of B or higher

Open to all 9-12th grader students
(UC approved “g”)

This course expands students' English and journalism skills through creating, designing, marketing, and publishing the student newspaper, The Piedmont Highlander, TPH, as well as using technology to enhance the paper through its online presence,  Student are required to write for each issue of the paper, as well as for an outside source.  Students become well versed in all types of journalistic writing as well as the basics of design and photography.  Students have additional projects involving history, ethics, and in-depth reporting, and examine other professional media sources for story possibilities, as well as critiquing the design and content. Students who choose to take the class for more than one year can move into editor roles with advanced leadership positions.

More about The Piedmont Highlander
The Piedmont Highlander online,

  • CTE Course
  • Open to 9th Graders
  • Year-long


Beth Black
TPH Faculty Adviser
Title TPH Newsppaers on Desk