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Career Explorations

Career Interest Exploration in Naviance

Explore the 'Self-Discovery' tab in Naviance -- you will find different assessments including the Career Cluster Finder and the Career Interest Profiler.

Also explore the 'Careers' tab in Naviance -- you can use this section to explore different careers, including Military and Experiential options. In the 'Explore Careers' page, you can browse all sorts of careers and learn about the education and experience required, the median pay in different areas, and what different roles in the profession might entail. 


Monday - Friday
12:00pm - 4:00pm
CC&C Office, Room 20
or via email


Sasha Goldwasser
College & Career Center Director

Appts.w/ Ms. Goldwasser

schedule a 30-minute appt

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College Rep Visits

Students can view scheduled College Rep visits on our calendar or in their Naviance account.

Note To College Reps

We welcome college representatives to PHS. We host visitis from late August through November. If you are a college rep, please request a visit through Rep Visits or email

CEEB Codes

PHS: 052-462
Millennium: 052-468

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