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Naviance is online software offering students and parents access to college and career information.  Students can take career assessments, learn more about their strengths and skills, review college information, access college websites, resume creation and many other resources to help guide students on their path towards post high school plans.

Naviance Login

How to sign in to Naviance:

  1. Go to the Naviance Login
  2. Type in 'Piedmont' to the school search and hit 'Go,' then click on 'Piedmont High School'
  3. Select your user type as 'Student'
  4. Click 'Continue with Clever' and use your school email to then log in through Google

Naviance Overview Guide

10th grade –  Students will receive the log in information in the Spring semester of their Sophomore year.  Each student will have their own log in as well as each parent/ guardian.  Parents and guardians can see their student’s information and add in suggestions for colleges.  But they cannot edit the information of the student.

12th grade –  By Senior year, we ask that students have their list for colleges they are applying to as soon as possible.  Counselors will be using this list for letters of recommendation, and discussions about how to support their seniors during the application process

Transcripts – We do not send transcripts through Naviance.  Counselors will use the “Colleges I’m applying To” list as a reference to where transcripts will be sent.

Letters of Rec  – Requests for letters of rec are not done through Naviance. Make sure you request in-person and then through your application portal.

Suggested Activities:

10th Grade:

  • About Me - Resume
  • Self-Discovery - Strengths Explorer
  • Self-Discovery - Career Interest Profiler
  • Self-Discovery - Career Cluster Finder

11th Grade:

  • About Me - Game Plan
  • Career - Explore specific careers, save to favorites
  • Colleges - Use college research tab
  • Colleges - Add to the "Colleges I’m Thinking About"
  • About Me - Create a resume

12th Grade:

  • Colleges - fill out "Colleges I’m Applying To"


Monday - Friday
12:00pm - 4:00pm
CC&C Office, Room 20
or via email


Sasha Goldwasser
College & Career Center Director

Appts.w/ Ms. Goldwasser

schedule a 30-minute appt

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College Rep Visits

Students can view scheduled College Rep visits on our calendar or in their Naviance account.

Note To College Reps

We welcome college representatives to PHS. We host visitis from late August through November. If you are a college rep, please request a visit through Rep Visits or email

CEEB Codes

PHS: 052-462
Millennium: 052-468

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