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Add/Drop Policy

Requesting a Schedule Change

If you would like to request a schedule change, you will be able to complete an online form (live only during the schedule change time period) or fill out a paper form at the Counseling Office.

Please keep in mind that we can only honor requests for the following reasons:

  • You have a hole in your schedule
  • You have been placed in the wrong level of a course
  • You are missing a required class
  • You no longer want the elective you have chosen

The request form will allow you to request up to 3 changes. If you need to request more, you will need to complete an additional form. Completing the request form does not guarantee we will be able to make a change.

If we are able to make your requested change, you will receive an email from your counselor. You will be able to access your new schedule through Infinite Campus and Schoology. Please keep in mind, that once we make your requested change, it may not be possible to switch back to your original schedule.

Schedule Change Deadlines for the Spring Semester

  • Last Day to Add a Class - the 10th day of school:  1/22/24
  • Last Day to Drop a Class Without a W:  2/9/24
  • Window for Dropping a Class with a W:  2/10/24 - 3/22/24
  • Dropping a class with an F:  On or after 3/23/24

Adding a Class

Students may add a new class to their schedule up to the 10th day of school in each semester.  

Exceptions can be made for:

  • Extended illness or injury
  • Appropriate placement of new students
  • Recommendations of the student’s Special Education or 504 Team
  • Transfer from one level of a PHS course to another level of a PHS course that is in the same subject matter  NOTE: Weighted grades will not carry. Level changes are contingent upon space in the other level class.

Schedule Changes will not be made for the following reasons:

Requests for specific teachers or specific class periods

Dropping a Class

Students can drop a class by the end of the First Progress Report period in each semester without any mark on their transcript. A “W” will not appear on the student’s transcript.

Dropping a Class with a "W"

Students who drop a class after the First Progress Report period ends, and until the 5th school day after the end of the Second Progress Report period, will receive a “W” on their transcript.  Please note that the “W” will not have an impact on the student’s GPA; however, it will appear on the transcript.

Dropping a Class with an "F"

Students who drop a class after the 5-day grace period at the end of the Second Progress Report period will receive an “F” on their transcript.  Please be aware that the “F” will have an impact on the student’s GPA and will appear on the transcript.


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School Profile

For the 23-24 School Year


Joseph Marik
Assistant Principal, Instruction & Counseling
(510) 594-2647

Amanda Carlson
Freshmen - Seniors (A-G)
(510) 594-2649

Chris Hartford
Freshmen - Seniors (H-O)
(510) 594-2895

Ashley English
Freshmen - Seniors (P-Z)
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Darlene Low
Registrar & Counseling Secretary
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