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Concurrent Enrollment

Concurrent Enrollment in College Classes


Before you begin any community college course
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Board Policy – Alternative Credits Toward Graduation 
BP 6146.11
Board Policy revised April 27, 2022

Concurrent Enrollment in College Classes
PUSD Board Policy 6172.1 states:
The Governing Board desires to provide opportunities for eligible district students to enroll concurrently in courses offered at postsecondary institutions in order to foster individual student achievement, increase opportunities for students to complete college preparatory course requirements or career technical education preparation, and prepare students for a smooth transition into college by providing exposure to the collegiate environment.

When it is determined that the postsecondary course in which the student intends to enroll is substantially equivalent to a course provided by the district, the student may receive credit toward high school graduation requirements in addition to credit received from the college.  

Alternative Credits Toward Graduation
PUSD Board Policy 6146.11 states:
Students are highly encouraged to pursue their educational interests which may include taking courses at an outside accredited school. An "accredited" school is one that has received accreditation by the Western Association of Schools and Colleges (WASC) or other statewide or regional commissions or, in the case of a school outside California, by the equivalent governmental or other regional accrediting agency in that jurisdiction. Courses taken at community colleges may be added to the high school transcript. Concurrent or dual enrollment in college courses that are equivalent to a high school-level course will not earn the additional extra grade point. (Education Code 48800, 51225.3) Concurrent or dual enrollment in upper division courses may receive an extra grade point as approved by the Superintendent’s designee. 

For students enrolled at Piedmont High School, courses taken at a fee-based or private accredited school, while enrolled at PHS, will not be added to the high school transcript. For students enrolled at Millennium High School, courses taken at a fee-based or private accredited school, while enrolled at MHS, must be approved by the Superintendent’s designee in order to be added to the high school transcript.

  • Students must be enrolled in at least five (5) PUSD courses during the 22-23 school year.
  • If you intend to play college athletics, your are responsible for confirming that off-campus course fulfills NCAA eligibility requirements.
  •  Off-campus courses intended to count towards a graduation requirement must align with PUSD's course offerings.
  • Students will receive the same letter grade for the high school credit as is granted by the off-campus institution.
  • Once off-campus credits are placed on a transcript, they may not be removed.
  • Students may not begin to acquire high school credits until after the completion of 8th grade. Middle school students may not place off-campus classes on the PUSD transcript.



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