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Course Selection Process

Current 9-11th grade course selection information presented in Academy:

Incoming 9th grade course selection information presented to PMS

Dealine to submit your signed course selection sheet to Counseling is
Friday, February 3, 2023

Log in:

Go to the Infinite Campus Portal If you do not know your Infinite Campus portal login and password, please email

On the left-hand side, click on ‘More’, then ‘23-24 Course Registration. You will see required classes already selected for you.

How many classes to choose? 

You will have a total of 7 year-long classes (2 semesters or S1 + S2 = one year) required and/ or requested courses and 3 alternate courses. You should count unscheduled periods as classes.

Be sure to pay close attention to the prerequisite requirement/recommendations for each course you select.  See the Course Catalog under the counseling section of the PHS website. 

Searching for a course:  

Use the course search box. You can search by the course name or by the course number.  You can scroll through a list of possible courses that appear.

Requesting Courses:

To request this course as part of the schedule for next year, click on the course name to add it to your list. The system will save as you go along, and indicate your percentage of course request completion. 
There may be classes that require prerequisites and/or  assessments; see the 23-24 course catalog.

Alternative Classes must be chosen:  

You must request 3 alternate classes. Search for a course, click on it, and add as ‘Alternate’.  Enter your Alternate classes in priority order.  If a requested class cannot be assigned, we will try to fill your schedule with the 1st alternate class requested.  

Removing a Course:

If there is a course you DID NOT want to select, click on the course and select "Delete Request".

Final Review: 

Make sure you request 7 classes including free periods (called Unscheduled).  The top of your screen needs to indicate ‘100% Completion’ with the selection of 7 year-long requests.

You must request 3 alternate courses in the Alternate Course category in addition to your 7 classes.

Printing Final Requests: 

Click the print button before you log out. This copy should be signed by a parent or guardian and given to:  

  • Current 8th gr: Please give to your History teacher

  • Current 9th-11th gr: Please give to the counseling office in room 25.

Logging Out:

Make sure to click the Sign Out option in the Index.  This will end the session and bring you back to the portal login screen.

Course Selection Resources

Counselors meet with students and parents during the months of January and February to discuss course options and assist them with sign-ups for the 23-24 school year.

Counseling Presentations

January 19, 2023  – In Person
Incoming 9th Grade Orientation
Incoming 9th Graders Presentatation Slides

Janaury 26, 2023  – Virtual
Current 10th and 11th Grade Orientation
Recording of Online Presention

Janaury 31, 202– Virtual
Current 9th Grade Orientation

Helpful Resourses for Course Selection

4-Year Course Planning Worksheet

Course Expectations for AP/Honors Courses

Time Management Worksheet