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Peer Tutoring

Peer Tutoring From Top

Peer Tutoring

Free tutoring is available in the PHS Library from students who can help you better understand difficult concepts and improve your general study habits.

  • Tuesdays 3:40pm – 4:40pm
  • Thursdays 3:40pm – 4:40pm

And during Academy on Academic Support Days.

PHS Tutoring Center
PHS Tutoring Center
PHS Peer Tutoring
PHS Peer Tutoring


Monday – Friday
7:45am to 3:45pm

School Profile

For the 23-24 School Year


Joseph Marik
Assistant Principal, Instruction & Counseling
(510) 594-2647

Amanda Carlson
Freshmen - Seniors (A-G)
(510) 594-2649

Chris Hartford
Freshmen - Seniors (H-O)
(510) 594-2895

Ashley English
Freshmen - Seniors (P-Z)
(510) 594-2648

Darlene Low
Registrar & Counseling Secretary
(510) 594-2646