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photo of PHS graduation 2022

Attendance Answering Machine: (510) 594-2629

If you are absent all day or any part of the day the following is required:

  • A parent or legal guardian must excuse your absence within 3 days by note or phone call.
  • Your note or phone message must include your first and last name, specific period(s) and date(s) missed, and the reason for your absence.
  • Oversleeping is not an excused absence.
  • It is violation of academic integrity policy for students to miss a class because they are working or studying for another class.
  • An absence must be cleared within 3 days or it will become an unexcused absence.

If you need to leave school for any reason:

  • You must bring a note to the office before leaving campus. 
  • You will receive a Permit to Leave to give to your teacher.
  • Do not tell your parents to call to excuse you from class for a doctor, dentist, personal reasons. 
  • A note is required to for an excused absence.
  • Call a parent/legal guardian from the front office before going home ill.


Monday – Friday
7:45am to 3:15pm

Contact Us

Attendance Answering Machine
(510) 594-2629 (voicemail only)


LaTanya Lloyd
Attendance Secretary
(510) 594-2628

Michael Bell
Campus Supervisor