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Mission and Vision

Piedmont High School graduates are:

COMMUNICATORS who express themselves effectively and thoughtfully in a variety of forms, with clear intention, empathy and awareness of audience.

CRITICAL THINKERS who practice rational inquiry, analyze and synthesize complex ideas, and identify bias and perspective when evaluating sources.

COLLABORATORS who partner with others equitably and respectfully on common goals, drawing on individual and collective strengths.

CONSCIENTIOUS CITIZENS who act with an ethical awareness of their role in global society, valuing diversity, taking responsibility for their actions, and making decisions with integrity.

CURIOUS LEARNERS who actively seek knowledge across all disciplines, continually striving to broaden their perspectives in order to understand and contribute to their communities and the world.

PHS WASC Accreditation

The Western Association of Schools and Colleges (WASC) is an accrediting agency that evaluates and recognizes educational institutions across the western United States. Its primary focus lies in ensuring schools meet rigorous standards of quality and effectiveness in education. Through a comprehensive review process, WASC assesses various aspects of a school's operations, including its curriculum, resources, governance, and overall educational impact. Accreditation by WASC signifies that a school has undergone thorough evaluation and meets or exceeds the established criteria for providing high-quality education.


PHS WASC Documents

  1. WASC Mid-Cycle Progress Report, April 2022
  2. WASC Self-Study Visiting Report, November 2018

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PHS Student Learner Outcomes