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School sports are extremely popular among students at PHS. We offer 14 sports for both boys and girls that compete during the Fall, Winter, and Spring seasons.

Sports teams not only give you a chance to improve your skills and abilities at a given sport, they also enable you to form friendships with students from different grades. Although most teams practice everyday after school and game schedules can be demanding, many students report that they actually receive better grades during the season because they are forced to use their time more efficiently. Being on a team requires time and devotion, but as one athlete said, “when you hear the crowd cheering for you, all the hard work pays off.”

Dedicated Athletics Website

 Athletics Website for family and fans

Sports at Piedmont High School

Athletic Department

Bradley Smet
Athletic Director

Jennifer Davidhazy
Athletic Dept. Office Clerk
(510) 594-2626

Fall Sports

  • Cheerleading: (JV, Varsity)
  • Cross-Country: Men and Women (JV, Varsity)
  • Football: (JV, Varsity)
  • Golf: Women (JV, Varsity)
  • Tennis: Women (JV, Varsity)
  • Volleyball: Women (JV, Varsity)
  • Water Polo: Men and Women (JV, Varsity)

Winter Sports

  • Basketball: Men (Frosh, JV, Varsity)
  • Basektball: Women (JV, Varsity)
  • Soccer: Men and Women (Frosh, JV, Varsity)

Spring Sports

  • Baseball: Men (JV, Varsity)
  • Softball: Women (JV, Varsity)
  • Badminton: (Varsity, Co-ed)
  • Golf: Men (JV, Varsity)
  • Lacrosse: Men and Women (JV, Varsity)
  • Swimming: Men and Women (JV, Varsity)
  • Tennis: Men (JV, Varsity)
  • Track and Field: Men and Women (JV, Varsity)
  • Volleyball: Men (JV, Varsity)
  • Beach Volleyball: Women (JV, Varsity)


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